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Seal Your Natural Stone

All Stone Guard seals natural stone including granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and sandstone. In addition we seal grout, stamped concrete, pavers, & brick.

These surfaces make homes & businesses around the world beautiful spaces to live & work.

Contact us today to learn how you can permanently protect the investment of your natural stone.


Maintain Your Natural Stone

Proper care and maintenance of granite and other natural stone is important.

The first step is to seal your natural stone. Once sealed maintenance is reduced dramatically. Soap and water does the trick in clean up but you should certainly contact us today regarding our line of maintenance products available.

Click here for a list of common stain removers for your grout or granite counter tops.



Repair Your Natural Stone

Over time you may notice the effects of wear and tear on your natural stone surfaces.

Whether etching, cracks, chips, or seam issues appear there are solutions to restore your granite and natural stone surfaces.

Contact us today to talk more about your granite and natural stone restoration.


The investment of beautiful, elegant natural stone for your home or business makes a real statement. Protect that investment! Just one drop of olive oil or red wine can result in your granite counter top stained for life. Imagine never worrying about everyday stains and enjoying easy, fuss-free maintenance.


Residential & Commercial, Interior & Exterior

  • Sealing of Granite & Natural
  • Sealing of Grout Lines
  • Protection of Salt Efflorescence
  • Protection from Weather
  • Anti-Graffiti Sealant

Worry No More

All Stone Guard sealant product line provides superior protection resulting in your hard surfaces being easier to clean & maintain.